Sunday, July 01, 2007

she has changed so much...

in just a short 24 hour period. her face seems to have filled out and her cheeks are fuller. she is so cute and so good. with her little milk mouth and black curls, she is so sweet.
if you look closely in this picture she has a little baby mohawk compliments of daddy. now if i could only think of a way to make it pink...
she is so good, hardly a peep. she is feeding good and sleeping good. shannon feels great, so much better than last time {so she tells me}.
we are in love with her but austen is besotted with her. he wanted to hold her the whole time we were there today and talked to her and kissed her. he is totally in love with her and he and scarlett clamor to be the one to hold her when they are together. he is going to have so much fun when shannon starts babysitting for him after the two week gm shutdown and don is back to work.

Posted by Picasathis is scarlett when she was born and she is looking more and more like her every day. it should be interesting to see how much they look alike {or different}. time will tell.....


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