Saturday, July 07, 2007

they found this little guy stuck to the side of our shed...

i guess it's some kind of tree frog. allison took these pictures of it and found that it had some pretty remarkable markings.
he got a ride on my sunflower globe and on ali's green shirt.
he tried to escape a few times, this was one of those times but it got her this cool shot of it's colorful butt.
he (she) was very small and for the most part really quite content to just hang around on her hand or austen's. very cool little critters we have around here.
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Blogger Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

Very cool indeed!!! The colors on it are amazing, I have never seen that!!!

2:25 PM  

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