Monday, March 05, 2007

just a few pictures from yesterday......

we kept scarlett saturday night and sunday, i had the chance to take some long overdue pictures of her. she was pretty cooperative considering she is a 3 year old and i got some really pretty pictures of her.
i can't believe how big she is getting....not to mention how mature she seems to be. she is starting to lose her baby look and is starting to look like a kindergardener. she is such a joy and we are so excited to see her little sister in a few months.
she is excited too and talks about it all the time. she has taken to carrying a baby doll around now...good practice for later.
of course, i couldn't leave out a picture of my handsome boy who will be in the double digits this summer (10 years old). i can hardly believe that it has been ten years already. he is so athletic, so sweet and nice, still doesn't listen too well, but i think that is a kid thing, and we just love him to death. scarlett loves him too and he is so good with her. he started a new season of flag football and this time nick is playing on his team. his athletic abilities have really blossomed this year and he is quite agile. we keep him pretty busy with soccer, football, baseball and schoolwork. he is improving in all of these things. good job bubby... Posted by Picasa