Tuesday, August 07, 2007

this is why old men shouldn't play sports.......

don decided once again this year to play softball. he plays for a parks and recreation league for our city. the team was comprised of mostly twenty-somethings with a few (ahem) old men scattered in. the season was fraught with injuries. one of the young guys on his team was hit by a line drive in the face which resulted in 3 broken facial bones. there were a few other minor injuries throughout the season....most of them incurred by the older, (ahem) more mature men on the team. then on 7/24/07 in one of his last games, don was out in left field and the ball was hit to him. he misjudged it and ran forward to catch it, realized that it was going to go over his head and planted his right foot to stop. he started to turn to run backwards but his planted right foot stayed planted while the rest of his body made the turn. this resulted in what he described as a sickening popping noise and immense pain. this strong, cancer surviving, macho, he-man, sports hero dropped on the spot. he had to be taken off of the field on a golf cart. unfortunately i wasn't at that game but my co-worker was as her (young) boyfriend plays on an opposing team. she happened to see the commotion on the field don was playing on and went over to check it out. she saw him being loaded onto the golf cart and called me. there was no way don was going to be able to drive the car home so i had to have my neighbor drive me to the ball field to retrieve my car and my injured sports hero. he actually had to be driven from the playing field to the parking lot. heh. the above picture is what a torn groin muscle looks like and was taken three days after the injury. and just in case you had any doubt just how macho he really is, he was in the basement weight-lifting the day this picture was taken. he still has the bruise after two weeks although it is fading some. that's my guy.......


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